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Network Today!

Benefits of Joining
Your Neighborhood Network

We tap into the untapped potential in our neighborhoods by creating networks of liked minded neighbors.  By joining a network of your choice you will experience an energized nucleus of neighbors of common interests. ​We work with neighborhoods to leverage the power that we have our communities, so that neighborhoods thrive instead of  remaining stagnant.  Through our Neighborhood Networks, we will use the philosophy of 5 Conditions of Collective impact:

  • Common Agenda

  • Shared Measurement

  • Mutually Reinforcing Activities

  • Continuous Communications 

  • Backbone Support


Improve Your
Professional and Personal Network

Communities, by their very nature, contain a wealth of diversity of opinions, ideas, and knowledge that you may never encounter alone. Just being in proximity of such a whirlwind of ideas means that you’re constantly challenging yourself to think creatively and constantly reconsider what you know.

Get Access to Resources in Your Neighborhood
and Throughout the Network Alliance

Each of us has certain areas or skills that we'd like to improve as we move toward achieving our goals. It's great to find people who have the expertise and skills in the areas that can help you move forward - and to leverage the power of your community.

Have Support!

Having a network to rely upon means that you’re surrounded by people who are affected by the same core issues affecting your community that you are. The Neighborhood Network Alliance allows you to contribute to and leverage the support of your neighbors to stabilize your community. 


Join a Neighborhood Network Today!

Your Support
Makes Our Work Possible!
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