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Our Work.

The Neighborhood Network Alliance

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to ensure we are the go-to organization for equipping block clubs with resources that will empower community residents to manage and revitalize their neighborhoods collectively.

Our vision is to ensure that we provide an effective organizing mechanism for residents to work together in collaboration with neighbors, community leaders, businesses, elected officials, and government agencies to transform our neighborhoods into nurturing, sustainable, safe, and beautiful communities where residents can thrive.

Our Network Focus Areas

Economic Development | Housing | Health & Wellness | Public Safety | Education | Youth | Arts & Culture | Transportation | Hospitality | |

Your Contribution Makes Our Work Possible!
Your contribution is more than a donation; it is how Next Level Block Club Organizing happens. It is how we stabilize your neighborhood by tapping into the human capital on a block-by-block level to create a collective impact that allows neighbors to govern, organize, resolve issues, pool resources, increase communications, create positive social change by providing technical assistance, education,  outreach, and programs. 


It takes a Village, and YOU are Ours! 
Consider Making The Neighborhood Network Alliance Your Charing of Choice!  
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