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Your Block Club

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What is a block club?


A:  Traditional Blocks, Condo Associations, Homeowner Associations, Housing Co-ops, Tenant Associations, and Engage clubs or groups of neighbors.


Q:  What is an Area Council?

A:  What is an Area Council? A designated area where neighbors come together to collectively: Organize and govern, Network, Pool resources, Address urgent situations, Increase communications, Create long-term permanent social change.


Q:  How many people does it take to start a block club?

A:  Two or three people on your block who are interested in helping to organize your neighbors.


Q:  Where can I register my block club?


A:  You can Register here at, and with the Chicago Police Dept. at:  https//

Q:  Why should I register my block club with The Neighborhood Network Alliance (The NNA), if I have already registered with the Chicago Police Department or my Alderman?


A:  Partner with The Neighborhood Network Alliance  to become part of a larger network of block clubs empowered to revitalize their neighborhoods and improve a quality of life for all.

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