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Neighborhood Stabilization Plan

Our neighborhood stabilization plan taps into the human capital within the community on a block-by-block level. We have adopted the area council organizing model. An Area Council is a designated area within a 15 – 40 block radius where neighbors establish a governing body who are the gatekeepers within their designated boundaries to:

Organize and govern


Pool resources

Resolve issues

Address urgent situations

Increase communications

Create long-term permanent social change

Provide a voice to the larger neighborhood


Each area council is encouraged to create networks within their boundaries of the following subject matter focus area: Economic Development, Housing, Health, and Wellness, Public Safety, Education, Arts & Culture, Technology, Transportation, Hospitality, and Communications/Media

For nearly 50 years  Area Councils have been an existing and proven organizing strategy in South Shore and has now been adopted by The Neighborhood Network Alliance. 


We invite you to join us in the reactivation of your area council. There are twelve in South Shore. Three on the west side of Stony Island; and nine on the east side of Stony Island.

We encourage anyone who has their own block club or other organized community network to join with us too!! We can be successful in working as a whole yet maintain our unique approach and autonomy as we take on the changes that are coming to our neighborhood.

Your Support 
Makes Our Work Possible!
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