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City Council Approves South Shore Condo Co-Op Preservation Fund Pilot

The South Shore Compact, comprised The Neighborhood Network Alliance, South Shore Works and The South Shore Chamber of Commerce are thrilled that their perseverance lead to success in the passing of the South Shore Shared Ownership Pilot Program. (see link for more info)

We're so pleased Mayor Lightfoot recognized the importance of preserving black ownership and stemming displacement in South Shore. This wouldn’t have been possible without Alderman Leslie Hairston’s tireless commitment to this issue.

Chicago Community Loan Fund is the ideal partner to shepherd these resources to the Condominium and Coop associations who so desperately need them.

NNA Executive Director, Val Free says, “We at NNA are proud to be a central community resource that works with community members and residents daily. We look forward to working with CCLF and the city to make sure that this important funding gets to those in need of support.”

Please contact our office for more information regarding these resources. Tammy McCann-Simpkins 773-219-5239


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