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The Neighborhood Network Alliance Year End Review

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Thank you for your support.

This summer, we saw the world open after pandemic closures, and the NNA made sure that you were informed!

Our twice-weekly e-blasts highlighted activities and "news you can use" about city ordinances and programs that can assist you with your taxes and property improvements. Check out our highlights of some programs we shared with you during the year.

  • April - the NNA hosted a Public Safety forum via Zoom, with 60 community leaders attending.

  • June - the NNA officially launched the Micro Marketing Recovery Program in the O'Keefe area. After a great kick-off, we have been working diligently for you with the MMRP and other city programs that can assist our South Shore property owners.

  • July kicked off our Walk, Talk & Roll events. We had ten weekly walks through the neighborhood and a bike ride in September. In 2023, we will continue to produce Walk, Talk & Roll and expand to other neighborhoods.

  • August The South Shore Housing Data Project came to fruition. This study was funded by the University of Chicago and in partnership with the South Shore Community Compact (NNA, South Shore Chamber of Commerce, and South Shore Works). The study provides the most current data on housing stock in the South Shore and the latest statistics on who lives in this area. Thank You South Shore for making this study a reality!

  • May - October South Shore Summer/Fall Splash. The NNA co-hosted 12 community events from May- October. These events included Juneteenth celebrations, Backpack Giveaways, Back to School festivals, live Jazz events, art auctions, tabling at community events, and food and clothing drives. Over 1,300 residents attended these events, and over 70,000 were reached through social media and e-blasts.

  • October - two major events occurred... the NNA held a press conference addressing the number of murders that have occurred in the South Shore neighborhood. During the press conference, the NNA demanded that mental help assistance be available to our residents living with PTSD. From this press conference, the NNA is working on another Public Safety forum in the spring of 2023.

  • The Quality of Life plan was completed. This was a comprehensive community planning effort supported in partnership with Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC Chicago), the South Shore Chamber of Commerce, The Neighborhood Network Alliance, and South Shore Works have convened to facilitate the study. The (QLP) drills down on what is essential to living successfully in our South Shore Neighborhood.

  • November 5th, the NNA co-host a community housing fair in association with Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) at South Shore International High School. 400+ residents attended to receive information on mortgages, Department of Housing programs for home improvements, and down payment assistance in the O’Keefe area in our Vendor’s Village. Seminars: Panels on the Housing Study, Tenant’s Rights, and forming an Area Council or Block Club. Internet personality “Chat Daddy” broadcasted live and interviewed our state Representative Kam Buckner, Water Reclamation President Cari Steele, and our other sponsors.

  • December - 12/19 the NNA in conjunction with Hustle Mommies hosted “Paint the Hood Orange” a Toy and Clothing Drive - at the South Shore Cultural Center. 250 families were treated to new toys, coats, clothing, and a hot cocoa bar.

As we close out 2022, we want to say Thank You for your support. Not only do we need your participation during the coming year, but we also need your donations. Please consider a contribution to the NNA, a 501(c) 3 non-profit, for us to continue these programs for the South Shore Area. All donations, large or small are welcomed.


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