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Having access to broadband internet is not only essential for health, safety and the economy, but it's also become a utility during the pandemic.


The goals of this South Shore Connects initiative are to: 

  • Develop a strategic plan which identifies the South Shore community needs relative to Broadband Internet - Access, Adoption and Use

  • Create an action plan for short and long-term broadband service improvements: 

    • Collaborate with current providers to deliver the speeds/advertised and paid for by our residents/businesses. 

    •  Explore usage of others fiber/high-speed internet for South Shore residents.

  • Play an integral role in shifting the paradigm by building thought leaders in our community who recognize the importance of broadband internet access, adoption and use.

  • Partner with Benton Institute and other philanthropic organizations to identify opportunities for South Shore to improve internet accessibility, affordability and use. 

Your Support 
Makes Our Work Possible!
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