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Our Goals, Vision & Commitment

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Welcome to
The Neighborhood Network Alliance.

Next  Level Block Club Organizing

Reimagining Block Club Organizing 

The Neighborhood Network Alliance provides our community with the services necessary to strengthen and reimagine our block clubs. 

As a Social Network Association we are tapping into the human capital within our neighborhoods and equipping block clubs with the resources to create neighborhood networks.  We are dedicated to  empowering these networks by providing them with the following services:

Block Club Organizing | Neighborhood Stabilization Strategy | Subject Matter Focus Area Network Organizing | Community Education, Engagement & Outreach | Technical Assistance | Social Advocacy | Neighborhood Communications


"We are taking our block clubs to another level.  

We're tapping into the human capital lying dormant on the block - and creating Neighborhood Networks dedicated to stabilizing our communities." 

Val Free, The Neighborhood Network Alliance

What is a network?

Networks are an organized group of neighbors who are committed to working together to support one another. Together networks work to address quality of life issues and provide the structure through which police, city officials, and the neighbors meet and engage one another. Through these partnerships, neighborhood networks build trust and recognition to improve the quality of life throughout the community.

Who do we partner with? 

Traditional Residential Blocks | Condo Associations | Housing Co-Ops | Homeowners Associations | Tenant Associations | Engaged Clubs: Garden clubs, Walking clubs, Book clubs... | Interested group of neighbors | Community Organizations | Institutions

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1818 E. 71st Street

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