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The Neighborhood Network Alliance to Address Recent Violence in South Shore

October 12, 2022

Contact: Alison Perkins-Thomas

The Neighborhood Network Alliance (The NNA)


(CHICAGO) The Neighborhood Network Alliance (NNA) is holding a press conference on the corner of 79th and Jeffery on Thursday at 10 am, concerning the fatal shootings of 2 young residents in the Central South Shore neighborhood in the past 24 hours. A 17-year-old young man was fatally shot on the 1900 block of East 79th Street on his way to school at 8:30am. Less than 5 hours later a man was shot in the head on the 7800 block of Luella.

According to Val Free, Executive Director of the NNA, ”This is a call to action for all South Shore; it is imperative for the residents of our neighborhood to self-correct. We must get involved and take a role in implementing public safety to protect ourselves, families, businesses, and property.” By organizing as a collective “we,” under our “Hey Neighbor” umbrella our Walk, Talk, and Roll and block club programs are activated during the summer, this is the beginning of taking back our streets and making this a viable community for our residents’’. We urge all South Shore to get involved…it’s our neighborhood it’s where we live and pay taxes.” To find out how to get involved please call the NNA to find out what area council and or block club you can work with in your area. Call 773-609-3007 or email

Michael D. Ewing Sr., The Director of Public Safety for the Central South Shore Area Council states: “Our South Shore community is traumatized by the recent murders of two young adult men in the neighborhood yesterday. The residents would welcome a satellite police station to enforce public safety measures in our neighborhood to prevent violent crime. We recognize that current law enforcement is understaffed. However, we advocate new uses of technology i.e., drones to combat crime.

If you are interested in attending the press conference email or call Allison Perkins-Thomas at 661.333.1332 or

About the Neighborhood Alliance

Reimagining Block Club Organizing

The Neighborhood Network Alliance provides our community with the services necessary to strengthen and reimagine our block clubs. We are a community engagement organization that train neighborhood leaders how to tap into the human capital on their block and equip them with the resources to create neighborhood networks. We are dedicated to empowering leaders by providing them with the following services: Subject Matter Focus Area Network Organizing | Community Education, Engagement & Outreach | Technical Assistance | Social Advocacy | Neighborhood Communication



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