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SSPS Volunteer Training 

SSPS is a point-in-time survey of built and land conditions in South Shore. Click here to view the training video.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the South Shore Parcel Survey (SSPS)?

SSPS is a volunteer-based initiative to collect and catalog data on property and vacant land conditions in the South Shore neighborhood. Volunteers complete a survey for each individual property on their smartphones using an app created by our technology partner, Loveland. At the end of the initiative, we aim to have data on every parcel of land in South Shore.

Who is involved in the SSPS?

SSPS is a collaboration between the South Shore Chamber of Commerce, the Neighborhood Network Alliance, South Shore Works, South Shore volunteers, and the University of Chicago’s Office of Civic Engagement and Harris School of Public Policy.

Why are we surveying properties in South Shore?

Through the SSPS, we aim to collect data on every parcel of land in South Shore to provide a snapshot of the neighborhood’s built and land conditions. This parcel survey will help catalog and categorize a complete data set of existing buildings and land in South Shore so informed and strategic decisions can be made when addressing community development challenges. Getting a better understanding of where different types of buildings are and the condition they are in can help local organizations assess neighborhood needs and determine the best future courses of action for their community.

What data are we collecting?

We are collecting information on property types--residential, commercial, institutional, or industrial; building materials and condition; occupancy; as well as on vacant lots.

What will happen to the data we collect?

Data collected through the SSPS will be stored on Loveland’s secure server. At the completion of the survey, all data will be turned over to community partners.

Is the map of data open for the public to see?

No, not currently. However, the map can be toggled on and off to enable (or disable) public view of the collected data. This can be decided at a later date.

What do I need to help survey? How long will it take?

We need two types of volunteers for the SSPS--drivers and surveyors. Drivers will need a vehicle to transport surveyors around South Shore. Surveyors will need a smartphone that’s 4G or higher, and has camera capabilities.
Volunteer Survey Days typically last 2-3 hours.

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